UNO held a budget forum last week

Omaha, NE – UNO Chancellor John Christensen led a budget forum last Thursday for the campus community.

Chancellor Christensen says the purpose of the forum was to update the campus community with the latest information available regarding UNO's part of the overall University of Nebraska system budget. Christensen says college officials have tried to make reasonable assumptions about where they think the budget might land. But, he says there's a short timeline since the legislative session ends June 8th. Christensen says UNO will be dealing with a budget reduction during the next biennium. He says, "I'm assuming there will be raises, but at this point we don't know the amount of what that might be which will influence the bottom line. We don't know at what level the board will set tuition rates and we don't know the level of funding for health insurance, utilities, programs of excellence or depreciation assessments,, each of those has the ability to influence the bottom line and what the final number for UNO's reduction and reallocation will have to be."

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents will set the university's budget on June 17th.