UNO Hosts Eureka Program for Young Women

Jun 26, 2012

Throughout the month of June, 28 young women have been participating in an educational experience called the Eureka Program.

Angie Hodge directs the program.  She says this is the first year the nationwide program has been offered in Nebraska.  Eureka offers 8th grade girls the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering and math. 

In addition to focusing on the STEM fields, Hodge says the program also helps build character, and encourage physical wellness.

"So the girls take swimming lessons.  They learn about yoga, dodge ball, different things. The idea is to promote the STEM fields in females that show potential in those fields and some interest and engage them in those.  But also, to teach them to be a good, whole, rounded person and to give them some life skills also.”

The Eureka Program is funded by Girls, Inc.  For more information on the program, the number is 402-554-3502.  The Eureka Program was founded at Brooklyn College in 1987.