UNO implements a new text message system to campus security

Omaha, NE – The manager of campus security at UNO says the university will have a new text messaging system that allows anyone to send texts directly to campus security.

Paul Kosel says individuals on and off campus may use the new system to report an emergency or a crime, as well as share tips anonymously with campus security. The process to find an affordable text system took several years, but Kosel says UNO will finally implement the new system on Tuesday.

"We've had e2 campus in place with our campus for several years. That system allows us to send messages out to students, faculty and staff for people who sign up for it. Several years ago, some o the senators for student government approached us and wanted to see if we couldn't create a text messaging system to the campus security department."

Kosel says to send messages, individuals will text UNO911 to a number. He says the number is not set up yet.