UNO opens biomechanics research facility

Sep 5, 2013

A dedication will be held Thursday for the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s new biomechanics research building.

The $6 million facility on UNO’s Dodge Street campus is home to the Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility. Researchers from UNMC, UNL, UNO, and Creighton will research biomechanics---defined as the study of the human body in motion. Biomechanics combines biology, physics, and mathematics.

Nick Stergiou, professor in the Biomechanics Core Facility, says the research done there will be clinical in nature.

"We will be utilizing biomechanics to understand clinical problems, and then actually develop tools that they can use to help with diagnosis, prognosis, rehabilitation, procedures in clinics, and instruments that can help in rehabilitation or treatment."

The biomechanics building is the first facility at UNO dedicated exclusively to research. Projects being done at the Biomechanics Core Facility include research on multiple sclerosis, autism, robotic surgery, and COPD.

Thursday's dedication ceremony begins at 4:30pm.