UNO Political Science Dept Teams with Sen. Ben Nelson

Mar 21, 2013

Former Senator Ben Nelson

UNO’s political science department is helping introduce young people to government by having a “Politician-in-Residence.” 

Former Senator Ben Nelson is filling that position starting this semester. 

Nelson will lecture at several times during the school year about his experiences in Washington DC. 

He says it’s important for political science students to learn what it really means to be an elected official and serve in public office. 

Senator Nelson says he’ll also talk about his work on issues where there was some bipartisanship.

"First of all, how the process is supposed to work, how it has worked and perhaps give a few examples and a few stories that I have on successes, near successes and things I’ve been working on.  And point out some things that have just been very dismal when it comes to the process working."

Senator Nelson says the lectures will be for upper level undergraduate and graduate level students. 

His first lecture takes place on Thursday, March 28th.