UNO Political Science Professor Discusses the Government Shutdown

Oct 1, 2013

The government shutdown is embarrassing for our country’s image around the world.  So says Paul Landow, Professor in the Political Science Department at UNO. 

Landow says the shutdown makes it appear that we are incapable of governing ourselves.  He says it also makes it seem like democracy no longer has the ability to function as it was intended. 

Landow says the shutdown occurred because House Republicans and Democrats did not approve a continuing resolution to keep the government open and running. 

He says this was largely because House Republicans wanted concessions related to the new healthcare law.

"And refused to pass the continuing resolution to keep the government open until they got those concessions.  Well now that it’s a stalemate, the House Republicans are already starting to see that the backlash is going to be against them.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if things start happening quickly.  On the other hand, it could be a week or two or more.”

Landow says many people are disgusted with the situation and believe both parties are at fault to at least some extent. 

He says a number of Republicans in the House have already changed their minds and are saying it’s time to pass a “clean bill” that doesn’t punish healthcare law while trying to approve a continuing resolution.