UNO Political Science Professor, Paul Landow weighs in on election day

May 15, 2012

Paul Landow, a professor in the Political Science department at UNO, says the economy is the main issue on voters’ minds.  Landow says people are concerned about their jobs, their bank accounts and what direction things are heading in terms of their personal financial life.  

He says anything voters can do to better their own personal financial life at the ballot box is what they’ll do...and if that means voting for new leadership in the House and Senate, they will.  Landow says turnout should be above average for the primary.

One big question this spring is what effect, if any, the redistricting that occurred earlier this year, will have on voters and candidates hoping to be elected.  Landow says the effects will likely be minor until the General Election in November.

Redistricting means Bellevue and Offutt Air Force Base are now in District One, instead of District Two. In the 2008 general election, Nebraska split its electoral votes, with the vote tied to Nebraska's Second District going to President Obama.