UNO political scientist: combination of factors led to Stothert win

May 15, 2013

Voter turnout for Tuesday’s general election was 30 percent.

87,347 registered Omaha voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s election. Mayor-elect Jean Stothert, who currently represents the City Council’s District 5, will be sworn in June 10th.

Paul Landow, who teaches Political Science at UNO, says there were two factors that led to Stothert’s win. One, according to Landow, was a failure by Mayor Jim Suttle to connect with voters. Another was tax increases, something Landow says isn’t looked upon favorably as a good strategy for re-election.

Landow says Stothert has a major hurdle to overcome upon becoming Mayor. “And that is attempting to live up to her campaign promises. She said that she would cut taxes, but she also said at the same time she would increase city services and hire more police officers. This is a tall order, and it’s going to be interesting to see how she gets that job done.”

Mayor-elect Stothert will be sworn in June 10th. Voter turnout for Tuesday’s election was 30-percent, which is less than the Douglas County Election Commission anticipated. Stothert was elected Mayor by a 58-to-42 margin.