UNO political scientist discusses Fremont vote

Feb 13, 2014

An ordinance in Fremont that bans renting housing to immigrants in the U.S. illegally will stay in place.

59 percent of Fremont voters voted Tuesday to keep the ordinance in place. The controversial ordinance was first passed in 2010.

Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado teaches Political Science at UNO. He says about 150 communities nationwide have similar ordinances, and in some cases legal action has followed those votes.

"In cases in cities in Pennsylvania and Texas, the cases that were brought against the legislation and the ordinances essentially bankrupted those cities, and I would not be surprised if some national organization comes in and files suit against Fremont and forces them to go down that path. It doesn't bode well."

The Associated Press reports that the ACLU is considering a new lawsuit against Fremont if the vote leads to discrimination.