UNO political scientist: two factors behind Mayoral recall efforts

Omaha, NE – A UNO political scientist says personality and job performance are the two factors that lead to Omaha mayoral recall efforts.

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle faces a recall election in mid to late January. If a simple majority of Omaha voters approve a recall, Suttle will be the second Omaha mayor in the city's history to be recalled.

Paul Landow teaches political science at UNO and was Chief of Staff to former Mayor Mike Fahey. Landow says recalls usually reflect widespread dissatisfaction from the public. He says this recall effort reflects a national trend of discontent with politics.

Landow says personality was the overriding factor in Mayor Mike Boyle's 1987 recall, while the effort against Mayor Fahey was about official acts. That recall attempt was unsuccessful. Landow says the efforts to recall Mayor Suttle are about both personality and actions in office.

Since recall provisions were added to Omaha's city charter, there have been five Mayoral recall attempts.