UNO Sees an Increase in Fall Enrollment

Sep 10, 2012

For the 7th year in a row, enrollment at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has grown.

Dr. Pelema Morrice, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment, Management and Marketing at UNO, says the growth has been gradual but it reflects the high number of quality academic programs the college offers. 

He says in order to move the enrollment picture forward, everyone must contribute, including students, faculty and staff.  Dr. Morrice says it’s not just about recruiting more students but also about retaining the students who are already attending UNO. 

He says the incoming transfer class is up 9.5% over last year.

"We’ve made an intentional effort to improve our ability to be a bridge for community college students moving into a four year space.  So our partners at Iowa Western Community College and Metro community college , in addition to our other community college partners throughout the region, it’s been an intentional effort for us to really make sure that students can have a seamless transition in terms of transferring to UNO.”

UNO now has 12,136 undergraduate students, which is an increase of 1.45% when compared to last fall.  The campus goal is to reach 20,000 students by 2020.