UNO Students, Entrepreneurs, Franchising Professionals to Benefit from Gift

Nov 20, 2013

UNO alumnus John Morgan recently gifted $1 million to UNO’s College of Business to endow a community chair in entrepreneurship.

Dale Eesley, Director of Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Franchising at UNO’s College of Business, views this as the beginning of a significant endeavor in entrepreneurship.  

He says the money will fund a chair for faculty and allow the college to support ongoing activities. 

Additionally, Eesley says the college will use some of the funds to support the next round of events they want to sponsor.

"We hope to have entrepreneurial summer camps for students, perhaps in North or South Omaha.  We’d like to have scholarships that bring in and retain some of our brightest minds who are interested in starting businesses.  We’d also like to have space for students to incubate their businesses on campus and have mentorship programs.”

Eesley says the task of the new chair will be to extend the outreach of the college’s entrepreneurship engagement activities.

He says that includes reaching out to non-business students and members of the community, especially the start-up community.

The John Morgan award is the first endowed chair in the College of Business Administration.