UNO, UNMC Partner to Offer Biomedical Informatics Degree

Apr 9, 2013

UNMC is partnering with UNO’s College of Information, Science and Technology to offer a joint Master’s of Science and Doctor of Philosophy program in biomedical informatics.

Dr. Hesham Ali is the Dean of UNO’s IS&T College. 

He says in the 80’s and 90’s, there were so many advancements in biomedical instruments, that tons of biological data was being produced. 

As a result, Dr. Ali says there is now an increased need for individuals with computational and biological knowledge who are able to mine that data. 

"How can we use computational methods and tools to analyze this data and extract the information that would be beneficial to the research out of this data.  So it really started with a group of researchers from here collaborating with a group of researchers from the medical school in order to solve specific problems.”

He says these include problems such as diabetes, cancer and infectious diseases. 

Dr. Ali says both campuses are currently accepting applications for students to begin this fall.