UNO's Chancellor gives the state-of-the-university address

Omaha, NE – University of Nebraska at Omaha Chancellor John Christensen delivered the state-of-the-university address yesterday.

The Chancellor discussed the importance of identifying strategic priorities around the campus as well as the success of UNO's efforts to build capacity. He says UNO has added over 800,000 square feet of new space and renovated and repurposed over 700,000 square feet on campus. Christensen says now is the time for UNO to get serious about growing the operation as they look toward 2020.

Additionally, he says last year was the first time that UNO received three university-wide awards, "Information Systems and Qualitative Analysis got the department teaching award. Johnna Holland from Marketing got the Outstanding Teaching Award. And GJ Devreede got the Outstanding Research Award. I think those make statements about the quality advancements that have taken place in academics "

UNO's enrollment and graduate rates both increased during the last academic year.