UNO's Criss Library Welcomes Hagel Artifacts

Omaha, NE – Historic photographs and artifacts from the offices of former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel are on view in the UNO Criss Library.

Archivist Jessica Agler says there are more than 300 items on display. She says the exhibit offers visitors an inside look at the two, six-year terms the senator spent in office. Agler says the library is trying to re-create the look and feel of Senator Hagel's Washington office, "when you entered his office, the walls had photographs, awards, posters, newspapers, magazines, all of the things that documented what he was doing in the Senate." Agler says he put items up on the walls so that when visitors came to his office, they could see what he was doing and how he was representing them.

The Hagel artifact exhibition is open to the public and will run through December 19th.