Urban life the focus of Downtown Living Tour

Omaha, NE – A dozen downtown Omaha buildings will be featured Saturday during the Downtown Living Tour.

The tour highlights residential living spaces, including Midtown Crossing, The Paxton, and SoMa.

Syl Orsi, developer of Dunsany Flats at Tenth and Pierce Streets, says the trend both nationwide and in Omaha is a movement back in to urban areas.

"It's really a return to the style of living that existed in this country before world war two and that exists really all over the world," Orsi says. "It's all about a very active lifestyle where we reduce the importance of vehicles, and in those moments where we otherwise would be in our cars moving from place to place and parking and those kinds of things more of those moments are for walking."

Orsi says that encourages the development of small businesses in downtown areas to meet the needs of residents. More than $2 billion has been invested in downtown Omaha in the past several years.

More information about the Downtown Living Tour is available at