US Army Corps of Engineers Discusses Calendar Year Runoff Forecast

Jul 9, 2014

The 2014 Missouri River calendar year runoff forecast for July 1st is 131% of normal above Sioux City and Gavins Point.

That’s compared to the June forecast increase of 1.9 million acre feet above Sioux City or .8 million acre feet above Gavins Point.

Kevin Stamm, Senior Engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers, discussed the updated 2014 runoff forecast during the Corps’ monthly conference call Tuesday.

"In contrast to the end of May, drought conditions were nearly erased in South Dakota, northwest Iowa and eastern Nebraska due to abundant rainfall.  At present, the upper basin is mostly drought-free with soil moisture conditions that are well above normal as a result of recent above normal rainfall in the upper basin.”

Stamm said runoff into the mainstem system for the remainder of summer will be based low and rainfall driven.