US Army Corps of Engineers says snowpack above average

Feb 13, 2014

Snowpack conditions in the mountains can generally be categorized as slightly above average.

That’s according to Kevin Lowe of the National Weather Service Missouri River Basin Forecast Center in Kansas City. 

Lowe says by this point in the winter we have normally accumulated 70% of the seasonal peak snow water equivalent.

"This most recent water supply forecast suggests an average mountain snow melt runoff season in 2014.  This near average runoff projection includes the Platte River system which would be a welcome change from the previous year’s drought.  Though we have average or a bit better than average mountain snow pack, NWS does not expect significant flooding due to mountain snow runoff alone.”

Lowe says higher than normal stream flow conditions in the fall coupled with an unusually cold winter has led to ice formation on many streams and rivers within the Missouri River Basin. 

But he says impacts from that have been local and minor. 

Lowe’s comments came during the US Army Corps of Engineers monthly conference call.