US Senator Mike Johanns Talks Reimbursement for Ag Producers

Jul 14, 2014

The severe weather in Nebraska the week of July 4th caused substantial damage to some ag producers' operations and in some cases, also caused cattle losses.

In his conference call with Nebraska media last week, US Senator Mike Johanns said fortunately this year’s farm bill reauthorized and funded certain programs to help ag producers get back on their feet following this kind of disaster. 

Johanns said he believes, though, that the USDA is mistakenly reimbursing producers using outdated information.

"So in some cases what this means is that the USDA is shorting the producers by up to $300 per head.  And it appears to me what the USDA is doing is contrary to the clear language in the statute that was passed funding the program.”

Johanns said ag producers play an important role in the state’s economy. 

He said there are tools in the farm bill to help them get back up and running after disasters but they need to be implemented properly.