Use of alternative transportation encouraged during July

Jul 8, 2014

You can ride the bus during July in the Omaha metro area for 50 cents.

Bus fares are reduced in the Omaha metro area during July as part of the Little Steps, Big Impact campaign.
Credit Katie Knapp Schubert / KIOS-FM

The reduced bus fares are part of the Little Steps, Big Impact campaign. July is Ozone Awareness Month in Omaha.

Metropolitan Area Planning Agency executive director Greg Youell says high ozone levels aren’t just a health issue.

“It’s also an important economic issue. And the focus of this year’s Little Steps, Big Impact project is to encourage residents to try alternative forms of transportation, walking, biking, carpooling, and using transit.”

Russ Haden, a laboratory supervisor for the Douglas County Health Department who studies air quality, says ozone has serious consequences.

“High levels of ground-level ozone cause eye irritation, crop damage, and can increase problems with respiratory disorders such as asthma. Ozone can even increase the deterioration rate of everyday materials that we use.”

The Health Department issues air quality alerts on days when there are elevated ozone levels.

The 50 cent bus fares apply during the week. Transfers cost 25 cents. Metro Transit executive director Curt Simon says they expect ridership to exceed what it was in July 2013.

More information on the Little Steps, Big Impact campaign, and ways to reduce ozone, is available at