Vice President Biden campaigns in Council Bluffs

Oct 4, 2012

With only one month to go until the Presidential election, Vice President Joe Biden is back in Iowa rallying voters.

Biden spoke to a crowd of 630 in Council Bluffs Thursday afternoon. It's his sixth visit to the Hawkeye State this year, and came one day after the first Presidential debate.

During his 40 minute speech, Biden accused the Romney campaign of deliberately misleading voters about President Obama’s position on Medicare.  "Now Governor Romney says that we cut Medicare, that we put it in danger. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any one of you who are on Medicare know that since President Obama’s been elected president and changed the law, Medicare recipients have more benefits."

Biden says the Obama administration would end the war in Afghanistan, create more manufacturing jobs, and support clean energy during a second term.

The Vice President encouraged Iowans to vote early, saying it’s key to winning the state in November.