Violence Prevention Program comes to two universities in Omaha

Sep 11, 2012

Alegent Creighton Health, in partnership with the Women’s Center for Advancement, is helping bring the Green Dot violence prevention program to Omaha college students at UNO and Creighton.

Allison Taylor, Associate Director for Violence Prevention and Education at Creighton, says Green Dot is a bystander intervention program.  She says the program focuses on engaging everyone as a potential bystander to a situation of violence. 

Taylor says Green Dot shows people ways to take small, individual actions to reduce violence in the community.  Taylor says she really likes the program because it is proactive as opposed to reactive.

"How are we preventing this from happening in the first place?  And how are we giving our students the tools to recognize situations that could be potentially harmful, where maybe if they did something small up front like stepped in sooner, said something, maybe we could reduce those incidence of violence that we do see.”

Taylor believes everyone has the power to do something.  She says the Green Dot program launches at Creighton this fall.