VNA opens flu shot clinic

Omaha, NE – The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services says providers should start vaccinating patients against the seasonal flu as soon as the vaccine is available.

The Visiting Nurses Association is holding a flu shot clinic next Wednesday in Omaha and September 14 in Council Bluffs. VNA Registered Nurse Kris Stapp says children ages six months to 18 years, people with chronic medical conditions, people over 50 and pregnant women should be vaccinated against the seasonal flu. The nasal spray flu vaccine known as FluMist should be available next week.

Health officials are concerned about both the seasonal flu and swine flu this year. Stapp says it's important that everyone get vaccinated against both types of the flu. Only one vaccination is necessary to protect against the seasonal flu. The swine or H1N1 vaccine is expected in mid-October. Two vaccinations will be necessary for full protection.