The VNA Receives $400,000 in Grants

Jun 17, 2014

The Visiting Nurses Association or VNA, recently announced it had received over $400,000 in grants.

Caryn Hohnholt, Vice President of Development, says the financial support the VNA receives is crucial to helping the metro area’s most vulnerable residents. 

Hohnholt says grant monies received will help support an assortment of programs including the VNA’s Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Program and camps for loved ones with disabilities.

"Some of these have been consistent funders of us for several years but we also received a new one this year.  And that was from the March of Dimes, Nebraska Chapter to support our new Healthy Families America Program.  They all came in at once.  We really just wanted to recap and get the word out there about the local support we receive because it is so important.”

Hohnholt says the Healthy Families America program allows the VNA to provide translation services during home visits for individuals who are not native English speakers or those who use sign language.