VNA Senior Speaker Series continues with suggestions for Dinner for One

Jun 1, 2017

The VNA’s Senior Speaker Series continues with “Dinner for One: Adding Mealtime Appeal” on Thursday, June 8th.

Shelby Hoskins, Clinical Dietitian for the VNA, says she created the program a few years ago but has added some new pieces for next week’s presentation. 

She says the program is offered in three sections.  Hoskins says the first piece focuses on cooking and shopping for one and how to modify recipes. 

She says many of her patients are used to cooking for larger groups of people but now live alone. 

Hoskins says sometimes they don’t feel they know how to cook just for themselves.

"I also am doing a piece about nutrition and aging to talk about why nutrition is important.  But also how it changes more specifically when you age because your nutrition needs change.  Other things that can come into play, such as illnesses and hospitalizations and those kind of thing, I definitely wanted to touch on that.”

Hoskins says the last part of her talk is about ways to make mealtime more enjoyable.  Her suggestions include altering the atmosphere a bit as well as eating out with friends.

There is no charge to attend the VNA Speaker Series.  “Dinner for One: Adding Mealtime Appeal” takes place Thursday, June 8th at 11:30 at the VNA, 125th and Center Streets.

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