Von Maur shooting victims and families to receive additional assistance from United Way

Omaha, NE – The victims and families of the Von Maur shootings are about to receive the final allocations from the Victims' Fund. The Fund was set up by the United Way after the December fifth shootings, which killed eight people and left four injured. $1.2 million was donated to the fund and initial payments totaling $240,000 were distributed. Monday morning, Von Maur Victims Fund Advisory Chairman John Ewing announced how the remainder of the donations will be disbursed.

The Advisory Committee set up several categories that guided the disbursement decisions: emergency needs; funeral expenses; short term medical costs; counseling; scholarships for minor children; child care; housing needs; long term care, and professional services. Trust funds are being set up for the scholarships and long term needs. Ewing says victims and families will receive payments for needs in all the other categories. He says the committee sought to keep the families' best interests in mind when deciding on the final distribution of the funds.

The United Way is also working with Region 6 Behavioral Services to provide counseling for employees and shoppers who were at Von Maur when the shootings happened.

Click on the link above to hear Advisory Committee Chairman John Ewing talk about the decision-making process, as well as how victims and families will be helped.