VoteEasy Tool Launched in Nebraska

Sep 6, 2012

Vote Easy is an interactive candidate matching tool created by Project Vote Smart in 2010.

The website allows citizens to instantly see which presidential and congressional candidates are best aligned with them on the major issues facing the nation.  Carly Griffin, Spokesperson for Project Vote Smart, says the Vote Easy tool just launched in Nebraska. 

She says the first thing voters see when they go to the website is the 2012 presidential candidates’ yard signs.

"And then you’re going to see a list of issue areas at the very top and then you’re going to click on one of those issues areas and you’re going to see a question, posed to you, on any number of issues.  Then, based on your answer to that question, you will also watch as the candidates’ yard signs advance or recede on the screen to see which candidates best align with you on your views on the issue.”

Griffin says issues range from abortion and social security to the economy and Afghanistan.  She says Vote Easy is powered by issue positions received directly from the candidates through Project Vote Smart’s 2012 Political Courage Test or through research by Vote Smart staff, using the candidates’ public records.