Voter registration deadlines approaching for primary election

Apr 23, 2014

You have through Thursday to register to vote at DMV or Omaha Public Library locations for the 2014 primary election.

Friday is the deadline to register at those locations. However, many locations are closed on Friday for Arbor Day. After Friday, you can register in-person at your local election commission office until May second.

Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps says early voting for the May 13th primary has been steady.

"We’re probably looking at three or four times the number of people voting early as we saw four years ago. In-person traffic has been pretty steady. We’ve probably had about 500 people or so come in and vote early over the past week or two since that’s been going on."

Phipps says early voting typically accounts for about one-third of all votes cast in an election. Douglas County has 321,346 registered voters as of April 4.

You can find a list of candidates for the 2014 primary election at