Warrants issued for prisoners released too early

Jun 28, 2014

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska officials have issued arrest warrants for about 20 of the 306 inmates who were released early because the Department of Correctional Services miscalculated their sentences.

Governor Dave Heineman said Friday that state officials will not seek 257 inmates who were let out early but would have finished their correct sentence by now. Three others have died since their release, and five have successfully completed their parole.

Of the remaining inmates, an unspecified number is back in custody and some qualify for furlough programs. One is being paroled.

Heineman and Attorney Jon Bruning say another 567 inmates were given incorrect sentences, but none of those prisoners were released.

Bruning says the inmates being pursued generally have 1 to 4 years remaining on their sentences.

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