Wilkins will lead the Omaha Symphony through 2018

Dec 6, 2013

The Omaha Symphony has extended Maestro Thomas Wilkins’ contract through 2018.

Wilkins says the Omaha Symphony is one of the hardest working symphonies in the country because they do such a variety of things. 

He says the orchestra offers several concert series, an extensive education program, and features musicians who he says are some of the “kindest” people to be found in an orchestra.

Wikins says there are a few things he’s anxious to see happen in the future.

"I would love for us to have a composer-in-residence, to live in our community and to go into our elementary schools and middle schools and high schools and teach kids about what creativity is and how it’s achieved and keeping the music alive at every age group across the spectrum.”

Wilkins says he’d also like to see the orchestra grow a bit in terms of the number of full-time players.

There are also a couple recording projects he’d like to see the symphony undertake.  One of them would feature pieces the symphony has commissioned for concerts in the past. 

For more information on Thomas Wilkins or the orchestra, the website is