Winona LaDuke speaks at UNO

Mar 19, 2014

A Native American advocate says the U.S. is in an “incredibly challenged” time.

Winona LaDuke spoke Tuesday at UNO about human rights and land use issues. LaDuke argued that U.S. energy policies and law are harming the environment and species.

"Instead of believing that we are all related, we have been very anthropocentric in our policies to the point where today, we have caused the extinction of more species since the Ice Age. And the great crash is happening now. We are in the midst of it. And these are not extinctions that are about survival of the fittest. In fact, these are extinctions that are caused by a set of public policy decisions, and often greed."

LaDuke called on states such as Nebraska to do more to develop wind and solar energy. She also said many energy policies are outdated and extreme.

LaDuke is also a former Green Party vice presidential candidate. You can hear LaDuke’s entire talk during a future Noon Forum on KIOS.