Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks in Omaha

Feb 3, 2013

The Governor of Wisconsin says Republicans must be optimistic and relevant at both the national and local levels.

Scott Walker gave the keynote address at the Douglas County Republican Party’s annual dinner Friday night. Walker was elected Wisconsin Governor in 2010 and survived a recall election in 2012.

He says the GOP’s message needs to be based on issues and optimism. "Now, I believe about being realistic about our challenges, but if we want people, particularly in the next national election for President, if we want people to follow us as Republicans, we can’t just be the party of no, we can’t just be the party that says there’s something wrong with our leader in Washington right now. We’ve got to offer a viable alternative."

In a statement following Walker’s speech, Nebraska Democratic Party executive director Jim Rogers says “If the Douglas county Republican Party is looking for a role model on job creation for their mayoral candidates, they picked the worst in Gov. Scott Walker. Under Walker, Wisconsin led the nation in job loss and recently ranked 42nd in job creation.”