Workshop focuses on preparedness during severe weather season

Mar 20, 2012

A workshop Wednesday in Omaha focuses on severe weather preparedness at home and in the workplace.

The National Safety Council Nebraska is holding the workshop during Severe Weather Awareness Week. Sunday night, an EF3 tornado damaged homes and businesses in North Platte. This year, Nebraska had its first-ever confirmed February tornado.

Bill Mulherin, Vice President of Programs for the National Safety Council Nebraska, says among the most common mistakes people make is not preparing a kit in the event of severe weather. The kit should contain enough supplies for each member of your family for three days, along with important documents, medications, and items for your pets.

He says it’s important once a storm has passed to be careful of debris and downed power lines.“Treat all downed power lines as though they are live, and you want to stay at least ten feet away from them, probably more. Don’t drive over them, don’t get near them because if they are live, they’ve electrified the ground, that electrical field can actually go out ten feet or more, and if the ground is wet maybe even further.”

Among the topics that’ll be discussed at Wednesday’s event are are putting together a kit, having a plan for home and for work, and safe places to take shelter.

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