Workshop held Thursday on caring for flood-damaged trees

Omaha, NE – Fontenelle Forest is the site of a workshop on caring for flood-damaged trees this Thursday.

The workshop is being offered by the Nebraska Forest Service's Eastern Nebraska office. Graham Herbst, Community Forest Assistant, says the workshop will primarily focus on the long-term effects of flooding on trees as well as the landscape. He says some of the biggest problems with trees have to do with stability after the flood waters recede.

Herbst says other problems may not surface for awhile, "trees get a rap for being very tough and hard to kill when in actually they are very sensitive to lots of stresses. There's a much longer-term approach to take with looking at what's going on with trees And so a lot of people are going to feel like anything that's not on the ground or dead next spring is going to be fine and that may not necessarily be the case."

Herbst says the Forest Service's primary goal is safety. The workshop on caring for flood-damaged trees takes place at Fontenelle Forest on Thursday night from 6:30 to 8:00.

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