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WEEK OF MARCH 19, 2018

Monday, March 19 – CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY LECTURE – Lloyd Sandelands, Professor of Business Administration and Psychology at the University of Michigan, and author of “Love First: Toward a Christian Humanism” “On the Inhumanity of Profit-Seeking” (CDs and transcripts NOT available)

Tuesday, March 20 – THE MOTH RADIO HOUR – “Confidence: Too Much, Too Little?” Stories by Aleeza Kazmi, Dante Jackson, David Crabb, Sam Shepard, and Sarah Lee Nakintu; hosted by Catherine Burns

Wednesday, March 21 – RADIOLAB – “The Soul Patch”

Thursday, March 22 – COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNIA – David Frum, Senior Editor of The Atlantic

Friday, March 23 – CITY ARTS AND LECTURES – Sally Yates

Last week on Noon Forum:

WEEK OF MARCH 12, 2018

Monday, March 12 – OMAHA PUBLIC LIBRARY LECTURE – STORIES OF SURVIVAL: EYEWITNESS HOLOCAUST TESTIMONIES – Bea Karp, a survivor of Nazi-Occupied Germany, and author of “My Broken Doll” (CDs and transcripts NOT available

Tuesday, March 13 – THE MOTH RADIO HOUR – “Global Stories of Women and Girls” Stories by Mary Hamilton, Esther Ngumbi, Jon Howe, Emily Recinos, Anne Moraa and Fatou Wurie; hosted by Fatou Wurie

Wednesday, March 14 – RADIOLAB – “Father K”

Thursday, March 15 – COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNIA – Niall Ferguson, author of “The Square and the Tower”

Friday, March 16 – CITY ARTS AND LECTURE – Maggie Nelson


Archived editions of past Monday Noon Forums can be found below...

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Harold Andersen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the World-Herald Company “The Role of a Local Newspaper: Community Standards and Freedom of the Press”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – John R. Turk, Associate Professor of Music at the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University “Self-Expression: The Tuba – A Museum Piece Comes to Live Just in Time”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Panel: William Moffett, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow; Michael Harry, Senior Vice President of Crete Carrier Corporation in Lincoln; Roger Beverage, former Nebraska State Director of Banking; LaVerne Rudell, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Economics at Nebraska Wesleyan University; Charles Schoeder, former Nebraska State Director of Agriculture; Moderator: Loretta Fairchild, Professor of Economics at Nebraska Wesleyan University. “The Future of Small Business Ownership and the Corporate Farm”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, National Correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, and author of “The Target is Destroyed” “The Khadafy Connection: International Terrorism”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Eleanor Smeal, President of the National Organization for Women, as well as Founder and President of the Feminist Majority Foundation “The Status of the Women’s Movement Today”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Norman Krivosha, Chief Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court “Education: For the Sake of Living as Well as Making a Living”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Frank Forrester Church IV, Senior Minister at the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City, and author of “Father and Son”  “Angels and Strangers”

Curt Donaldson, columnist with the Lincoln Star, former Lincoln City Councilman, and author of “Stumping the District” “Raising False Hopes in a Responsible Manner: The Challenge of Politics in Nebraska”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Robert Poole, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Reason Foundation, and author of “Cutting Back City Hall”  “Privatization: National Garage Sale or Golden Opportunity?”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Vera Kistiakovsky, Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Past-President of the American Association of Women in Science “S.D.I. and the Scientist”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORJM – Mitch Snyder, Founder of The Community for Creative Non-Violence, and co-author of “Homeless in America: A Forced March to Nowhere” “The Homeless in America”

NEBRASKA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY FORUM – Michael Wood, Professor of Comparative Literature at Exeter University, and author of “America and the Movies” “Making Sense of the Movies” (incomplete)