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Echoes of the Past and Some Big New Ideas

Sep 2, 2015
Stuart Chittenden

Although he's primarily focused on personal conversation, Stuart Chittenden says our relationship with the land remains a dynamic factor in our sense and articulation of community. In western Nebraska, he finds a confluence of themes that produce a narrative extending beyond the state.

FILM STREAMS DISCUSSION DOUBLE FEATURE– Films: Alive Inside and CitizenfourAlive Inside Panel: Sabra Mackey, Activities, Therapeutic Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator at the Douglas County Health Center; Linda Whitfield, Program Director for the Douglas County Health Center. Moderator: Amy Chittendon, President of the Douglas County Health Center Foundation.  Citizenfour guest: G. Michael Fenner, James L. Koley Professor of Constitutional Law at the Creighton University School of Law, Immediate Past President of the Nebraska Bar Association, and author of the article “Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?”

Last Call Rotation

Aug 30, 2015


Aug 27, 2015
Stuart Chittenden

A dark and stormy entry into a small Nebraska town eases into a morning of song, leg-extending laughter and a culinary adventure for Stuart Chittenden. In the Danish capitol of Nebraska, he dips his toe into “community,” and is pulled into the water.

Jazz Calendar (Updated 9/ 1/ 2015)

Aug 25, 2015

CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY LECTURE – John Calvert, Professor of History at Creighton University, and author of “Sayyid Qutub and the Origins of Radical Islamism” “The Great War and the Making of the Modern Middle East”


Aug 18, 2015

Neligh has had its share of demographic shifts while striving for the kind of development that will secure the town’s future. And it has its occasional hiccups! In this dispatch from the road, Stuart Chittenden talks about his conversations in Neligh.