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Reggae Willie


For this review, North High School senior Whit Compton gives us a sampling of the 2005 Willie Nelson album "Country Man".

PROJECT HARMONY LECTURE – Antwone Fisher, award-winning Hollywood director, screenwriter, film producer, author and child abuse survivor “Antwone Fisher – A Story of Child Abuse and Resiliency”

Special to examine legendary jazz album

Omaha Press Club, 4/6/09

Apr 6, 2009

OMAHA PRESS CLUB – A Mayoral Forum with four of the declared candidates for Mayor of Omaha: former Mayor Hal Daub, current Omaha City Councilmen Jim Vokal and Jim Suttle, and Randy Brown

GREATER OMAHA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LUNCHEON – Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives “Creating a Twenty-First Century Intelligent Health System in Nebraska”

Saxophonist explores the frontiers of Jazz.


Omaha,Nebraska – Last Call presents an interview with noted saxophonist Joshua Redman. The saxophonist's latest effort, Compass, explores the frontiers of jazz with a novel configuration of musicians.

METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE LECTURE – Gail Baker, Dean and Professor from the College of Communications at the University of Nebraska at Omaha “African-Americans in Journalism”

CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY LECTURE – LANE FOUNDATION LECTURE – The Honorable Dragoljub Popovic of the European Court of Human Rights “Judicial Discretion in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights”

Omaha Press Club, 3/9/09

Mar 9, 2009

OMAHA PRESS CLUB – Lee Simmons, retiring Director of Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, and Chairman of the Omaha Zoo Foundation