Douglas County residents will be voting on several different ballot measures November 6, one of which is the consolidation of two county offices.

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With less than three weeks until the general election, both presidential candidates will be spending a lot of time in Iowa.

Big Bird Vs. Big Oil

Oct 18, 2012

The Omaha Press Club and the League of Women Voters presented a debate today (Thursday) between the two candidates for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional District.

Republican Congressman Lee Terry is seeking his 8th term in office.  He faces challenger, Democrat John Ewing, who’s currently Douglas County Treasurer. 

Among the topics they discussed were healthcare, education, and federal subsidies. 

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will debate Tuesday, a program you’ll hear at 8pm on KIOS.

Young people make up about a quarter of the electorate, and voting rights advocates say they’re a powerful collective force when they turn out to vote.

The Nebraska Legislature redistricted the 2nd Congressional District after the 2010 Census numbers were released last year.

Paul Landow, Professor of Political Science at UNO, says the Legislature flip flopped Sarpy County voters. 

He says formerly the Eastern part of South Sarpy County, which had more Democrats, was part of the 2nd Congressional District.  The Western part of that county held more Republicans and was part of the 1st Congressional District. 

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With only one month to go until the Presidential election, Vice President Joe Biden is back in Iowa rallying voters.

The executive director of Omaha’s Project Interfaith says last week’s violence in the Middle East shows a need for discussions about religion.

Vote Easy is an interactive candidate matching tool created by Project Vote Smart in 2010.

The U.S. Senate recently passed the 2012 Farm Bill by a vote of 64-35.  Chuck Hassebrook, with the Center for Rural Affairs, says this bill will provide continued support to Nebraska farmers. 

He says one of the biggest disadvantages in the bill is that it over subsidizes crop insurance for larger agricultural interests, making it difficult for smaller family-sized farmers to compete.