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This week's Noon Forum lineup:

WEEK OF JULY 14, 2014

Monday, July 14 – CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY LECTURE – THE SIXTEENTH ANNUAL MICHAEL G. LAWLER LECTURE – Paul Lakeland, Aloysius P. Kelley S. J. Professor of Catholic Studies, and founding Director of the Center for Catholic Studies at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut “A Short Voyage for a God: The  Grace of Creative Writing” (CDs and transcripts NOT available)

Tuesday, July 15 – THE MOTH RADIO HOUR – “A Mormon, A Pickpocket and A Carpenter” Stories by Sherman “OT” Powell, Elna Baker and Ed Gavagan; hosted by Lea Thau

Wednesday, July 16 – RADIOLAB – “Morality”

Thursday, July 17 – COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNIA – Amy Stewart, best-selling author of “Wicked Bugs, Wicked Plants” and “The Drunken Botanist”

Friday, July 18 – CITY ARTS AND LECTURES – Edward St. Aubyn

Last week on Noon Forum:

WEEK OF JULY 7, 2014

Monday, July 7 – COLLEGE OF SAINT MARY GREAT CONVERSATIONS LECTURE – Jenna Blum, author of “The Stormchasers”, “Grand Central”, and “Those Who Save Us” (CDs and transcripts NOT available)

Tuesday, July 8 – THE MOTH RADIO HOUR – “Monkeys, Calzones, and Jaywalkers” Stories by Ari Handel, Richie DeSalvo and Sarah Jones; hosted by Dan Kennedy

Wednesday, July 9 – RADIOLAB – “What’s Left When You’re Right”

Thursday, July 10 – COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNIA – Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, authors of “Think like a Freak”, “The Upside of Quitting”, and “How to Succeed – with No Talent”

Friday, July 11 – CITY ARTS AND LECTURES – Indré Viskontas