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This week on Noon Forum:

WEEK OF JULY 28, 2014

Monday, July 28 – METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE LECTURE – Baba Jallow, Assistant Professor of African History, and Director of the African Studies Program at Creighton University “Great Kings and Queens of Africa” (CDs and transcripts NOT available)

Tuesday, July 29 – THE MOTH RADIO HOUR – “A Divorcee, A Freedom Rider, and New Mother” – Stories by Cindy Chupack, Sala Udin and Rebecca Nesson; hosted by Sarah Austin Jenness

Wednesday, July 30 – RADIOLAB – “Who Am I?”

Thursday, July 31 – COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNIA – Julia Hartz, Susan Koger, and Alison Pincus, founders of Eventbrite, ModCloth, and One Kings Lane, respectively

Friday, August 1 – CITY ARTS AND LECTURES – Beth Shapiro

Last week on Noon Forum:

WEEK OF JULY 21, 2014

Monday, July 21 – OMAHA PRESS CLUB – Lieutanant Ken Kanger, head of the Omaha Police Department’s Gang Unit; Janeé Pannkuk, Executive Director of Impact One “Gangs in Omaha”

Tuesday, July 22 – THE MOTH RADIO HOUR – “Love, Faith and Money” Stories by Shannon Cason, Prinna Boudreau and Christof Koch; hosted by Meg Bowles

Wednesday, July 23 – RADIOLAB – “Words’

Thursday, July 24 – COMMONWEALTH CLUB OF CALIFORNIA – David Stockman, one of the architects of the Reagan Revolution

Friday, July 25 – CITY ARTS AND LECTURES – George Coyne